Outledge™ was created by Visioneers LLC located in Dublin, Ohio, USA.

Visioneers combines creative ergonomic design, cost effective Made-in-USA manufacturing resources, intellectual property protection and enforcement, and sales & marketing expertise.

OUR MISSION: Visioneers LLC has the vision and engineering to deliver useful, cost effective products that create value in everyday life.

Bill Razor, Dan Stahl and Dave Palazzolo wanted to solve the problem of phones and devices laying on countertops and floors while charging. The cords created obstructions and trip hazards, while expensive devices were left to be trampled or damaged by water, food, etc. Existing solutions were bulky and unappealing to the eye. The Visioneers designed an elegant solution that blends in with existing décor – one that looks good and performs well in commercial or residential applications.

Bill Razor, a graduate of The Ohio State University (Chemical Engineering) provides the vision for Outledge™. Bill has a keen eye for design and is able to see the big picture and the value that Outledge™ can bring to people and businesses. Also, Bill’s plastics experience and network enabled a cost effective Made-in-USA product.

Dan Stahl, a graduate of Ohio University (Industrial and Systems Engineering) provides leading-edge manufacturing expertise to industrialize the production of Outledge™. Dan’s knowledge of design-for-manufacture, tool design, and plastic injection molding enabled the birth of Outledge™ from concept to tangible product.

Dave Palazzolo, a graduate of Western Michigan University (Manufacturing Engineering) and Michigan State University (MBA) provides the business development experience to bring Outledge™ to market. Dave’s broad business and engineering experience is used to navigate the waters of intellectual property, contract development, and market penetration to make Outledge™ a reality.

Together, the Visioneers combine a wealth of engineering, business and manufacturing experience to create products that improve the function and beauty of everyday life. By using a pragmatic approach and hands-on problem solving, the Visioneers are proud to bring you Outledge™. The Visioneers plan to expand the product line over time, offering more solutions for device charging storage.